When you want to enjoy your pasta?

Fresh pasta recipe

When you want to enjoy your pasta?

Fresh pasta recipe

When you really want to enjoy your pasta dinner 

There are lot of different kinds of pastas in supermarkets. You can find pasta with low carbs, full-grain and so much more. The classic version is of course pasta made out of white wheat, and that’s something you want to cook when you really want to enjoy your dinner. Healthy options are nice to have in everyday life but let’s face it: white wheat pasta takes you into another world. 

White wheat pasta tastes the best with different creamy or tomato-based sauces. When you’ve decided what to eat, you must decide what to drink with it. If you love combining different beers and wines with your food, this article is definitely for you. Here are some useful tips: 


  • If you like full-bodied wines you should combine it with rich tasting foods. For example, full-bodied red wine is incredible with rich bolognese sauce. Fresh white wine makes a good pairing with fresh lemon pasta. 
  • If you are more of a beer drinker, choose light lager or pilsner for a good flavor experience. 
  • Pasta is seen as Italian so don’t be afraid to choose Italian wines! 


Classic flavors:

Avocado pasta 

Try some fruity white wines. For example, Chilean Sauvignon Blanc is great with this dish. 

Pasta Carbonara 

Combine with full-bodied Italian red wine, for example, Chianti. Rich ale is also an option with this pasta. 

Pasta Bolognese 

This tomato-based sauce has a lot of flavors in it. Combine with Malbec or Merlot grape.  

Seafood pasta 

Seafood has a delicate flavor, keep that in mind. Fresh Chardonnay is great with seafood dishes. If your taste buds like beer, choose unfiltered wheat beer, it has a similar sweetness to seafood. 

You find your own favorites by trying and there are no wrong opinions. Combine wine tasting with cooking and you can find yourself with the whole new set of favorite drinks! 

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