Quick fresh pasta yet homemade

Fresh pasta in hands

Quick fresh pasta yet homemade

Nowadays, we are tired of cooking. It is true that with our hectic way of life, it’s much easier to go out for a lunch/dinner instead of preparing something at home. We usually think that dinner will take a lot of our precious time, that we need to spend on updating info on Facebook pages and checking funny memes on Instagram. No doubt, “time is an illusion, lunchtime is doubly so”  Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

But can we cook at home and not spending a lifetime in the kitchen? Sure we can.

Currently, there are lots of “ready to eat” meals in the supermarket. Take a pack, put it in the microwave, pour it to the home plate, and happily smile convincing yourself that you’re eating a home-made dish. Yeah, this is definitely an option, especially when most of the manufactures, nowadays, started thinking about the healthiness of such product. Hooray, easy-prep food, that is stomach-friendly!

Ok, but what if I really wanna try to actually cook, yet spend just a few minutes for it? Great news, the option does exist. Blender, mixer, instant pot, bread machine, waffle maker, toaster – all these things are helping us on the kitchen, making cooking more comfortable and really fast.

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fresh pasta

Did you ever consider a pasta dish an easy meal? We bet you didn’t. And say nothing about quick, fresh pasta meal.

Pasta making machines are becoming a new trend on the market. The familiar manual ones, and a new generation of automatic pasta machines. With automatic pasta makers, you will have ready product in 20 min. A bit long, huh? That is why we want you to get familiar with Kitchen Elf, the Pasta Machine.

Only 3 min and fresh pasta is ready to be cooked. Add toppings or meat, and a quality pasta meal is ready.

“So are you talking about instant noodles?” – You may ask. No. Not at all. Kitchen Elf produces fresh pasta or noodles in 3 min from scratch. All you need is flour, we bet you have it at home, and water or eggs – which again, are not so hard to find. Pour these ingredients into the machine’s cup, press start, and voila, 3 min later the fresh pasta is ready.

By the way, it takes barely 1 min to cook fresh pasta compared to the dry one. Add the seasoning you like the most, and enjoy!

So are you still thinking that cooking is hard and takes lots of time? We know it’s not!  If you’re interested in getting Kitchen Elf with an early bird price, send us an e-mail: info@mykitchenelf.com and we will make it happen.

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