5 Food Trends 2019

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5 Food Trends 2019

Food is an essential part of our life. Some of us are just eating what they like, and others are trying to go deep and become aware of current food trends. You know, we love pasta, but we are passionate about food, in general 🙂 Continue reading 5 food trends 2019 if you are in the same boat with us! 
We pointed out 5 the most evident trends on the food scene.

vegetarian food in a jar
1. Plants, plants and plants one more time.

Yeah, you got it right. Vegetarian and plant-based dishes still will be a thing. Firstly, we noticed that more and more people are trying to add meat-free day at least once a week. Another thing is replacing dairy-milk with their plant-based buddies. Next time you’ll be in your favorite coffee shop ask a barista to replace the milk with oat or almond milk. You gonna like it for sure.

2. Granny’s special

Remember thousands of jars in your granny’s pantry? Homemade preserved food – our grannies know it well. Fermented food is not only interesting for its’ taste but also has a positive effect on your health, as it brings good bacteria. Still find fermented food is weird? Start with kimchi or pickled carrots.

kimchi in a bowl
dark chocolate chocolate powder
3. Right in the guts

Did you ever ask yourself why appetizer drinks are mostly bitter? The truth is that bitterness is perfect for the digestive system. Well, don’t freak out, just think how truly good are Aperol Spritz, a bite of fine dark chocolate or just a cup of quality black coffee. You see? Bitter is a new sweet!

4. No more sugar, sugar

Yep. All the sweet tooths in the world, it’s time to admit, we need to consume less sugar. Well, it’s hard to avoid it totally, cuz you’ll be surprised that, nowadays, we consume it with almost every dish. But trying to lower it in your daily life – is a big step forward healthier life.

sugar churos
turmeric powder glass bowl
5. Things getting spicy

If you were humble trying unusual flavors in the food – it’s a good New Year’s resolution.  Add few pinches of acai powder to the morning yogurt, sprinkle your favorite poke bowl with turmeric powder or add carob powder to the milkshake and discover new taste horizons.

All in all, it seems like people are getting more conscious about their health. Yet, keeping food joyfulness meaningful.

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