See the difference. Manual vs. Extruder vs. Kitchen Elf pasta maker.

Manual pasta machine, extruder pasta machine, kitchen elf

See the difference. Manual vs. Extruder vs. Kitchen Elf pasta maker.

Who doesn’t love pasta? One of the best food in the world! But don’t just eat store-bought pasta, you actually could make your own fresh pasta with different kind of devices. Currently, there are many devices to make pasta at home, from rollers to automated machines. In this post, we will try to give you little insights into how they generally work. Let’s have a look at three pasta makers that are available:

1. Manual Pasta Maker

Through the imitation of roller movement, you could make very traditional fresh pasta.  First, you will produce a dough sheet, which you could shape into a different type of pasta. However, you need to prepare the dough from scratch, that is pretty time-consuming.

Manual pasta maker advantages and disadvantages
2. Extruder Pasta Maker

With extruder pasta maker, you can make more different shapes of pasta with less time and effort. The extruder will generally come with various shaping discs depending on the brand or types you are getting. This machine will help you blend the ingredients into a dough, which going to be pushed through the extruder with big force. The device will normally take 15-20 minutes to process the pasta and hassles with various attachments.

Extruder pasta maker advantages and disadvantages
3. Kitchen Elf Pasta Maker

Kitchen Elf is an innovative pasta maker that combines best elements of the manual pasta maker and automative pasta maker. The machine is very easy to use, you just need to pour in all the ingredients and let the device make the perfect dough for you! It comes with built-in rolling pin, which will roll and stretch the dough to create great consistency, just like a manual pasta maker. With Kitchen Elf, you can adjust the thickness and wideness according to your needs. After that, you will get the traditional fresh pasta ready as short as 3 minutes. Also, after the process, Kitchen Elf has only one detachable part to be cleaned, which is also dishwasher safe. Otherwise, Kitchen Elf has the self-cleaning function which takes care of most of the cleaning.

Kitchen Elf pasta maker advantages and disadvantages

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