Privacy Policy

Holder of the register:

Polar Device Oy

Isokatu 28 a 24

90100 Oulu, Finland

Contact person regarding matters of the register:

Haili Li

+358 45 1972896

Name of the register:

Customer and marketing register, Polar Device Ltd

Purpose of handling personal data:

Maintaining customer relations and marketing communication

Data included in the register:


Email address

Phone number

Company name

IP address

Site browsing data

Language (Finnish/English)


Information sources:

All information is gathered from data provided by persons themselves

Sharing information:

Information can be shared with third parties for customer communication ja direct marketing purposes and with officials (by special request).

Sharing information outside the European Union:

Newsletter tool Mailchimp is used for customer communication and direct marketing. MailChimp is an US based company. Therefore personal data given by users are moved outside the European Union. All personal information is protected according to current Finnish and  EU personal data laws. Contact details are also shared with US based IndieGoGo Inc, which serves as a preselling platform for Polar Device Ltd. Additionally in future we will be using an outside company in order to support our customer communications. This collaboration will require sharing customer contact details. Both MailChimp and IndieGoGO Inc are within the Shield-contract made by USA and the European Union.

Personal information schedule:

Personal information database is maintained indefinitely.

Data protection:

All information is maintained in databases maintained by firewalls and passwords.

Data access rights:

Registered person can request access to their personal information according to Finnish personal data law 29§. Request must be made by email to

Right to correct or erase data:

Registered person is entitled to demand erasure or correction of their personal information according to Finnish personal data law 39§. Request must be made by email to

Consent to direct marketing:

Registered person can subscribe to or cancel newsletter by themselves or by contacting person handling the register.


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